We believe telling someone's story is a great public service


Our mission is to support independent individual and small group storytellers and to elevate the quality and reach of the work across North Carolina. We promote and facilitate collaboration among members and legacy media outlets. We serve the public by working to make sure that work to reaches the people who need it the most. 

We offer members networking, educational opportunities, legal advice and cost-effective co-working space throughout the Triangle. We host events to help further public debate.


 Unprecedented Opportuntiy


Different storytellers have different needs, but all of us seek inspiration and community. That’s what the North Carolina Newsroom Cooperative Provides.

Support  |  NCNC helps foster the best work possible — in gathering the story, shaping it, telling it, and elevating its quality and reach. NCNC can connect content seekers with providers and facilitate the development of complex and collaborative projects. We can pair people with mentors for particular needs. Our members will be featured in our talent directory, and their work will be promoted on social media. We even stage live events to help promote your work.

Networking & Events  |   NCNC provides opportunities for members to connect with a large spectrum of professionals involved in all aspects of non-fiction storytelling, from the use of new technologies for journalism to public relations, branding, marketing and platform distribution. We partner with university and private entities to elevate the public debate, particularly the role of storytelling.

Learn  |  In conjunction with our members, we offer workshops, classes, lunch-and-learns, and regular networking events aimed at helping you improve your skills as a storyteller and a business entrepreneur. 

Creative Space  |  For those who want it, we offer affordable co-working space through The American Underground @Main, with a touchdown option in downtown Raleigh. Don't need space everyday? For a fee, NCNC provides a venue spaces for you to host classes or workshops, networking events, as well as screenings, readings and other public events.



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