A Community of Nonfiction Storytellers Committed to Quality, Ethics, & Collaboration


At the North Carolina Newsroom Cooperative, we believe in working together to improve telling the story of North Carolina and its people.

We are a non-profit business cooperative that supports independent and small group storytellers, an advocacy and resource for excellence in nonfiction media. We offer networking opportunities, education and promotion of work.


Story is what we do and why we do it.



Our jobs are varied and the work takes many forms, but all of the stories we tell are nonfiction, built upon verifiable fact and accuracy.

We are reporters, editors, photographers, videographers, radio/television producers, multimedia producers, data journalists, fact-checkers, publishers, book authors, documentary filmmakers, columnists, podcasters, bloggers, graphic artists, designers, illustrators, information graphic creators, cartoonists, librarians and archivists, journalism instructors, bloggers, student and citizen journalists.

Many of us work full-time in in media, but we recognize that other kinds of storytellers now work in other communications fields do similar work, and others still wish to pursue storytelling as a vocation but cannot afford to do this work full-time. We are a big tent, so long as you are willing to abide by ethical standards and to give of your time and talent. We welcome you to consider join the NCNC family.

One other important quality binds us: we have all, now or at some point, called North Carolina our home. This is our story, too.



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